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Our bodies go through enormous changes when we’re pregnant. It’s a beautiful time, but can also take a bit of adjusting to. Hearing other people’s stories can help. 
Shrimoyee and Bruno, London, UK
Shrimoyee and Bruno
London, UK

‘I worked out throughout my pregnancy because it’s the best thing for your body. It’s the best thing for your baby, it helps you prepare for labour and it keeps you sane.’

Courtney and Sarah, Riverside, CalIfornia
Courtney and Sarah
Riverside, CalIfornia

‘I didn’t know if my body was capable of carrying three babies at once, and that fear really set in at many moments throughout my pregnancy. But my sister reminded me that our bodies are very much capable of doing miraculous things.’

Claire and Vincenzo, Rome, Italy
Claire and Vincenzo
Rome, Italy

‘I think the pregnant body is beautiful but I do worry about my weight gain (especially the double chin I’m getting). Although I’m exercising and eating healthily most of the time, I eat such a lot! But I keep reminding myself that my body is doing something completely amazing, and I am strong and healthy.’

Chris and Claire, West Sussex, UK
Chris and Claire
West Sussex, UK

‘The most surprising thing I’ve found about pregnancy is the rapid changes in your body. Although you know that’s going to happen, I was quite astonished at how soon I was noticeably pregnant, and also how big I am already. But you have to try not to worry about that or compare yourself to other people.‘

Shushila, New Zealand
New Zealand

‘When you are going through pregnancy, your body changes. The hardest thing was the heat and the swelling, and the weird feeling in your ribs that feels like something's there and you can't quite move it. My body's never going to be the same. I don't mind, it's for him.’

Below, our parents tell us about how pregnancy impacted their romantic relationships.

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