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When it comes to cravings during pregnancy, weird equals normal. It’s not just you! As our parents say, it’s about listening to what your body needs and going with it. 
Claire and Vincenzo, from Rome, Italy
Claire and Vincenzo
from Rome, Italy

‘In my first trimester, I had relentless nausea and sporadic vomiting. All I wanted to eat were stodgy carbs, cheese and sour fruits like grapefruit (thankfully, not all at the same time). Now I’m in trimester two, I’m able to be more healthy. I drink green juice made with fruit and veggies every day.’

Chloe, New Zealand
New Zealand

‘I'm generally healthy and I tried to maintain that throughout my pregnancies. I found it pretty easy for the first two but with my third, I had sugar cravings and struggled a bit.’

Pippa and Glenn, Sydney, Australia
Pippa and Glenn
Sydney, Australia

‘The first trimester was quite challenging. I had morning sickness and I was only able to eat junk food. I usually have a very healthy diet but I could only eat chips, biscuits, burgers and whatever to help keep the nausea at bay. But now we’re back on the healthy side of things, we’re really focussed on nutrition.’

Taina and Paul
Taina and Paul
Huntsville, US

‘My husband was great about making sure that I had what I wanted to eat, or that whatever was offending my sense of smell at the moment was long gone!’ 

Molly and Jak, LeicestershIre, UK
Molly and Jak
LeicestershIre, UK

‘When I was about six months pregnant, I really, really craved snow, to the point I was looking at the frost in my freezer, thinking: “I can’t, but I really want to.”’

Bennett and Malik, Los Angeles, US
Bennett and Malik
Los Angeles, US

‘I found that I didn’t actually go through a lot of the stereotypical pregnancy things. I never had any really crazy cravings. I did eat a lot more bagels! Fruit was also something that was really delicious to snack on and my body really asked for it.’ 

Being pregnant can not only change our eating patterns, but can impact our body image, too. Below, learn how our parents used self-compassion to embrace the changes. 

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