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When you’re pregnant, you deserve to take extra care of your body and mind. As our parents explain below, a little self-care can go a long way. 
Molly and Jak, LeicestershIre, UK
Molly and Jak,
LeicestershIre, UK

‘I wish it was acknowledged how anxious being pregnant makes you. You feel completely responsible for growing this little thing that you love so much already. The best advice I got while I was pregnant would probably be from my mum. She said: “Don’t listen to your anxiety, it’s lying to you.” And “You’re going to do wonderfully.”’ 

Chris and Claire, West Sussex, UK
Chris and Claire,
West Sussex, UK

‘I think it made a real difference to get early nights and rest, and not try to do too much. The little things like Chris making dinner, or offering me a cup of tea, really made a difference. You want to do those things, but you just don’t have the energy.’

Becki, New Zealand
New Zealand

‘It’s very motivating to want to eat really healthy and, and put as many natural nutrients and goodness into the baby as possible. I've been eating more than I ever have before as well. It makes me very hungry. We go to the farmers market and stock up on our fresh stuff. It's a really nice, wholesome ritual.’

Tash, Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia

‘Unfortunately I did not have the pregnancy glow that people talked about. But little things like going for a walk, getting enough sleep, taking your vitamins, getting enough water… It’s amazing how those little, tiny things can improve your day. The better I looked after myself, the better I felt.’ 

Courtney and Sarah, Riverside, US
Courtney and Sarah,
Riverside, US

‘One of the surprising things we found out is the amount of calories and protein I had to consume in a day just to keep us all healthy. For my health, and that of my three growing foetuses, I had to eat three times as much. That was pretty difficult to do. We had to be on top of every single meal I ate and my fluid intake.’ 

Curious about cravings in pregnancy? Parents share their unique experiences below. 

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