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At the start, sleep can be a challenge for you and your baby. Thankfully, we’re all in it together and hearing other people’s stories can help us create our own routines.
Meet the parents:
Molly and Jak, LeicestershIre, UK
Molly and Jak
LeicestershIre, UK

‘Something that helped me early on was routine. When Oscar was about two months old, I started to try and make him aware of night and day. So when he would have a nap, I would close the curtains. When he would wake up they’d be open again. It was really important, and I think that that’s why he’s such a good sleeper now.’

Annie and Matt, London, UK
Annie and Matt
London, UK

‘Try and get lots of rest where you can, it’ll get easier. Everything’s a phase, so, once you’ve dealt with the first phase, you’ll have a new challenge. But your baby will eventually learn to sleep.’

Bennett and Malik, Los Angeles, US
Bennett and Malik
Los Angeles, US

‘It was really shocking to me how much it felt like time became… mushy. When you’re waking up all the time, your days change from being a distinct daytime and night-time routine. You end up having 24-hour periods where you might be awake for only three hours at a time.’

Shrimoyee and Bruno, London, UK
Shrimoyee and Bruno
London, UK

‘When I was pregnant I just couldn’t sleep. You get heartburn and you can’t sleep on your back. I get more sleep now, after having a baby!’

Chloe, New Zealand
New Zealand

‘Ruby had really bad reflux. That was really challenging at the start, especially because my boys weren't sleeping as well. I found myself pretty much up the entire night. But we managed to get on top of it and things became a lot easier and more enjoyable.’

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