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Taking pregnancy tests

From excitement, to anxiety, to joy, we can experience all kinds of emotions when it comes to taking a pregnancy test. Find out how others have experienced this life-changing moment. Meet the parents:
Tash, Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia

‘The moment the doctor said I was pregnant, I’d taken a billion pregnancy tests, and I was pretty sure I was pregnant. But the moment they confirmed that there was a baby in there, I became a parent.’

Molly and Jak
Molly and Jak
LeicestershIre, UK

‘I was about eight weeks’ pregnant when I found out. I felt like I had the flu, which is probably why I didn’t actually do a test until later. I thought I was just ill. But no – baby.’

Pippa and Glenn
Pippa and Glenn
Sydney, Australia

‘It was a beautiful surprise. We actually had just got engaged on holiday. My parents picked us up at the airport and I said: “We’re going to need to stop at a chemist.” So we got home and did the test together, while my parents were respectfully waiting in the living room,’ Pippa

‘When I poured three glasses of champagne, Pippa’s dad realised because somebody wasn’t going to be having any!’ Glenn

Shrimoyee and Bruno
Shrimoyee and Bruno
London, UK

‘Literally, the day we went into the Covid-19 lockdown, we found out we were pregnant. So it was very exciting and full of joy but at the same time, it was scary because of the pandemic.’

Chris and Claire
Chris and Claire
West Sussex, UK

‘We were so focused for so many years on getting to this point that the minute we did, we suddenly shifted gears and changed hats to think about all the other things that had to happen.’

When it comes to the emotional highs and lows of conceiving, hearing other people’s stories can be inspiring. Read different perspectives here.

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