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Should you have certain things in place before you decide to have a baby, or is it more about what feels right? It’s natural to ask ourselves questions like these. Here couples share their stories about when they knew it was the right time.
Claire and Vincenzo
Claire and Vincenzo
Rome, Italy

‘Lots of things stopped us from trying initially – from Vincenzo starting a new business to us wanting to buy a house first – but after a few years together, we realised that for us, there would never be a ‘perfect time’. And we were right. When it did happen, it was in the middle of a pandemic, a new job and a location change!’

Courtney and Sarah
Courtney and Sarah
Riverside, US

‘This was our next chapter. We had our careers, we were married, we’ve bought our home. That last missing piece of our puzzle was children.’

Pippa and Glenn Sydney, Australia
Pippa and Glenn
Sydney, Australia

‘About a year into the relationship, we discussed having our first baby. We knew that we wanted to become parents together,’ Pippa.

‘It’s a time that just felt right,’ Glenn

New Zealand

‘I wasn't sure if I could get pregnant because I’ve dealt with a lot of endometriosis. But I just sort of threw that out the window and started trying.’

Bennett and Malik Los Angeles, US
Bennett and Malik
Los Angeles, US

‘I never thought when I was younger, especially pre-transition, that having a child would be something that I would ever do. But after falling in love with my husband, I began to realise I had this incredible gift – as somebody who identifies as a man and is married to another man, I still had the ability to have a child with him. So after my husband and I got married, I came off hormones to see if I could get pregnant.’

Trying for a baby is a big decision and can create new dynamics in love. Read all about our parents’ unique experiences below.

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