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As you make the big step to start trying for a baby, hearing from other people on the same path can help you stay positive. Here, parents from around the world share how trying affected their relationships in every way.
Annie and Matt
Annie and Matt
London, UK

'Trying to conceive definitely did put pressure on our relationship. In the initial phase when you’re going through the monthly cycle, it can become quite military. You’ve got to try to conceive on this day, check the pee sticks… it’s like go, go, go. It can suck the joy out of it a bit. I think you have to not let it become this all-consuming project. Remember why you are together and the fun you can have outside of conceiving. Go for meals and date nights.'

Pippa and Glenn
Pippa and Glenn
Sydney, Australia

‘We got to experience that side of the process together and it brought us even closer in our relationship. We were obviously in a love bubble, but when we decided we would start trying for our first child, things took on a different level.’

Chris and Claire
Christophe and Claire
West Sussex, UK

‘Trying to conceive is a real test on both of you. For the first year or so, Claire wasn’t very good at telling me when her period had come, but we got much better at talking to each other and communicating,’ Christophe

‘You have to talk about your feelings, which isn’t always easy. I was trying to protect Chris and he probably felt the same, so we weren’t always opening up to each other. But that makes it worse. You have to keep talking,’ Claire

Courtney and Sarah
Courtney and Sarah
Riverside, CalIfornia

‘When a pregnancy didn’t go to term, it took a bit of time to process. Sabrina wanted to physically be ready to try again because it was a difficult time for our relationship. It’s a matter of knowing that your love is stronger than any obstacles that you go through.’

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