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preparing to try for a baby

When you’re thinking about trying for a baby, it’s natural to consider how best to prepare, both your body and your mind. From talking to your doctor to getting fit, there are plenty of things that both parents-to-be can do. Find out what others did in the lead-up to trying to conceive.
Pippa and Glenn Sydney, Australia
Pippa and Glenn
Sydney, Australia

‘I had some fertility testing a couple of months before we actually did start trying, just to check that everything was going to be fine in terms of our age – I’m 38 and Glenn’s 43 – and we had a green light to go ahead. The doctor told us that everything came back normal and just to enjoy it, to try and see where it goes.’

Annie and Matt London, UK
Annie and Matt
London, UK

‘I’ve had quite a stressful job, and it’s quite hard for me to zone out. Floatation was wonderful for me – all you have to do is completely chill out. There’s all these different things you can try, like acupuncture, different books you can read, amazing podcasts, nutrition and exercise.’ Annie

Claire and Vincenzo, Rome, Italy
Claire and Vincenzo
Rome, Italy

‘I did research – the information was helpful but also quite overwhelming. I decided I would just try to be the healthiest version of myself so I made sure I was eating well, taking pre-natal vitamins and exercising regularly. I also cut down my caffeine and alcohol intake.’ Claire

‘I stopped smoking completely and started running. It was something I had been thinking about doing for a while anyway, I just needed a push.’ Vincenzo

Becki New Zealand
New Zealand

‘I had been working with a naturopath before I got pregnant and that was really helpful. I also detoxed and learnt a lot about nutrition, which was really cool. I was feeling really fit and active – it was a good time to get pregnant.’

Bennett and Malik Los Angeles, US
Bennett and Malik
Los Angeles, US

‘I am a transgender man which means I was assigned female at birth but I identify as male. I’ve obviously had some hormone replacement therapy as a part of my transition. After my husband and I got married, I went off of hormones to see if I would be able to get pregnant. I was off hormones for about six months before we started trying.’

Molly and Jak LeicestershIre, UK
Molly and Jak
LeicestershIre, UK

‘We went to the doctor’s beforehand, so they could give me an MOT (fertility test), and I got told to take pre-conception vitamins. I also Googled stuff but my advice is –’ Molly

‘Stay away from Google!’ Jak

Shushila, New Zealand
New Zealand

‘I changed my lifestyle a little bit. I wasn't training as excessively – it's good to give your body a break and to restore itself so it can do the things it's supposed to do. I also started taking folic acid and pre-natal supplements.’

When it comes to knowing when to start trying for a baby, everyone is different. Below, our couples share their stories about when they knew it was the right time.

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